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This course has been designed to open your mind to a new way of thinking about your body and food. Overeating or being overweight is not about food, it's about emotional issues which dieting is unable to fix. Understanding is powerful and is the cure to eliminating dieting for EVER!

I use an amazing hypnotherapy technique called Rapid Transformational Therapy that does not include starvation, detoxification, calorie counting or restricting food intake or diet plans. We start off with a 7 day challenge to prime your mind. Then we move into the hypnotic process.

We explore beliefs, habits and self sabotage and how it keeps you addicted to your food choices. As I said its not about food, it's about thought. Each thought creates a feeling and each feeling creates an action.

I was trained by the world renowned therapist Marisa Peer in using this highly successful method. Phenomenal results are guaranteed.

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"My 7 day challenge was a total success:

Think Thin has had a huge effect on my eating. I was having 5 - 6 coffees with sugar a day and I believe that the sugar 'hits' in the coffee throughout the day made me crave sugar all day. Plus I was always tired.

Now I have 2 coffees a day without sugar. And I just don't crave sweet things. I am a size 8 and proud to be back in a bikini at 55 years of age but most importantly I feel amazingly healthy. and have got my enthusiasm for life back. Thank you Ange Wilcock"

Lynda VoyleBusiness Owner, Garden Magic

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  • Why Your Emotional Baggage Is Preventing You From Losing Weight

    Do you struggle maintaining or losing weight? Do you feel like you have tried virtually every exercise and diet tip under the sun, but still struggle to achieve your weight loss goals?

    You’re not alone.

    Most people focus virtually entirely on the physical aspects of weight loss; diet and exercise. However doing so can actually inhibit them from achieving their weight loss goals long-term.


    Because they fail to realise we are all emotionally connected to food.

    How Do We Form An Emotional Connection With Food?

    The act of eating triggers neurotransmitters in our brains that give us a sense of pleasure, much like the kind of pleasure one would experience from euphoric drugs or falling in love. This teaches us to associate good feelings with eating food. This association, plus powerful marketing and advertising of food, and the relationships with food we observe and learn from others as children, collectively causes us to become conditioned to use food not only for nourishment, but also as a means of comfort. 

    Think Thin addresses ALL of these issues and resets the mind for phenomenal success!

    Why Does This Affect My Weight Loss Goals?

    By overlooking this emotional connection; a person is simply not fully equipped to achieve their weight loss goals in the time frame they have set out for themselves. Many people assume that a lack of exercise is the biggest barrier to weight loss. However, our emotional connection to food can prove to be the biggest hurdle.

    If you want to feel healthier, eat healthier and live healthier, the journey doesn’t start with diet and exercise. It starts with figuring out what drives your behaviours. Why do you eat certain foods? What times of the day do you crave some foods, and why? Why do you succumb to cravings? By spending a little time getting to understand why and when you eat, you are much better equipped to stick to your healthy diet and exercise programs, as you can take actions which help you overcome these negative associations.

    Over the 7 day challenge we recondition the mind and look at the emotional triggers that create cravings, overeating and self indulgence that turns into self sabotage!

    What are you waiting for!

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"I have been on many different diets, lost weight while experiencing the anguish of absolute hunger and desperation and gained more weight than I have ever lost.

Late 2016 I was at the bottom of the pit in terms of health, wellness and negative thinking when a colleague asked me to join a group challenge. I was always an amazing starter so I put my hand up and signed into an online group called “Think Thin Feel Pleasure” a 7 day challenge, I could manage that!

A few weeks later I had a small health scare which was enough to jettison me into action. I went back and listened to all the videos and at the end was a self hypnosis. I listened to this every day, same days twice a day. Initially my brain chatted away and tried to divert me from absorbing what was being said but I hung in there and slowly the messages began to come alive.
Exercise was always going to be my nemesis so it was slow to start off and when I did start walking I had hip, knee and foot pain which my brain invented as a way to keep me happy, fat and reacting to stressful situations in the same old way.
I persisted and began to really listen to my body. I ate healthy food only when I needed to and i knew that I was enough. I was never ravenously hungry or felt deprived of food, I was in control and striving for the goals I had set for myself.
In 7 months I have lost 31kg. The experience of hypnosis has been amazing and it has worked for me.
- Cairine Barton Phenomenal woman!

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Your Instructor

Ange Wilcock, Phenomenal Rapid Transformational Therapist, Spiritual Coach, & Mindfulness Practitioner started her career as a systems analyst because she enjoyed breaking things down into their single components and then building them back together again. These analytical skills have been transferred into her work today.

She has a mission for every human on the planet to feel ENOUGH! Ange calls this Rejection-Proof Living!

Ange has been able to develop a unique style, techniques, and models as a result of working with clients over the last 30 years.

She has developed Mindfulness Based Story Telling (MBST). A deeper unravelling of our story and beliefs that hold us back, and the Evolutionary Model of Wellbeing (EMW).

She has trained with the best. Marisa Peer, Anthony Robbins, Brene Brown, Dr Joe Dispenza to name but a few. Her love of people and continual learning has benefited her clients immensely.

Ange is one of the first 100 therapists in the world to have trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy with the Marisa Peer Method School Of Training as part of her pioneer group and has brought the new modality to New Zealand.

She brings a unique approach to her therapy, coaching, mentorship, courses and retreats by combining professional and personal development as she believes the two cannot be separated if you want a connected, purposeful and productive life and career.

Ange has been featured in Elephant Journal and Mind, Body Green

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?

The course is evergreen

How long do I have access to the course?

You have lifetime access for as long as the course is online. If it is taken down you will be informed

How does the course run?/strong>

The course is a 7-day challenge to prime the mind. It gives you a key understanding about WHY you are overweight OR cannot shift those last few pounds. Understanding is incredibly POWERFUL!

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, I will give a refund after the 7 days if you can evidence that you have followed the course, completed all the worksheets and been an active member of the Facebook group. This is only fair as with any change in life we have to do the work.

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