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What is the most difficult result to get from your staff? 

It is not getting the work done, as this is what they are employed for.

It is not making them abide by the policies and procedures of your organisation because you are already good at that.

 However, it is to make them feel valued in your organisation. To make them feel that they have a voice in the place where they work, to enable and guide them towards competent and accountable practice, and to provide ongoing professional development and support. 

 I can say from my experience in the health and social service sector, wherever they hired any professional supervisor, they realised the fact that professional supervision is the most powerful driving force, which brings about the most positive and long-lasting changes. I professionally supervised the following professionals in England and New Zealand:

 Mental Health Professionals

Support Workers

Family Therapist

Social Workers

Family Support Workers

Senior Practitioners

Senior Managers

Team Leaders

 Here are some of the results that health and social services agencies noticed after they acquired my expertise in professional supervision:

 A more organised senior staff

A more result-oriented and task driven staff

Sense of responsibility and deliverance in team members

Enhanced motivation level

Improved levels of collaboration and cooperation

Highly developed interpersonal skills of team members

 It was not possible for me to give such results without making sure that my supervision and coaching sessions encapsulated the following:

 Special focus on quality of service and accountability

Person to person clinical supervision

Emphasis on improving results and outcomes

Professional development

Working with the whole person

Reconnecting mind, body & soul

If you want to get great results in your organisation, or if you want someone to supervise your staff, then contact me, and we can discuss your needs.

Look forward to hearing from you, as I know you value your employees.

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