There is one thing that holds ALL women back from creating their Courageous life.

One thing that stops you from feeling alive, energetic and driven.

 Do you know what it is?



Yes, that’s right, how you think about life shapes everything you do. You have been preprogrammed throughout your childhood to think a certain way, act a certain way and behave in a certain way without you knowing.

​Now that you know your mindset has that much power, you’ll discover how easy it is to change the mind and use it to help you achieve incredible personal relationships, a career that motivates you every day and freedom from all self-doubt!


Read What Bobbie Had To Say

Courageous Life 8-week course is a Game Changer

It can change your life. Just like it did for Bobbie

“I wasn’t really sure what I wanted from the course. I guess to change myself entirely. I had spent too long being not really connected with myself. I didn’t know what to look forward to in my life, and it was a very painful feeling.

After this course, whenever I feel pressured or stressed, I can let myself breathe through the anxiety that occurs and calm myself immediately. Whereas in the past, I always fought back with my mind and true self, usually making things worse… I’m now able to stop caring about those self-defeating thoughts and opinions of others. I don’t need to prove anything to anyone"

Bobbie - Customer Support




  • Feeling Stuck

  • Overwhelmed

  • Frustrated in your life, career, business or relationship;

There seems to be some kind of invisible force holding you back no matter how hard you work, you know it's your mindset! But the good news is, in the same way, it was created, it can be changed. Together we can unlock the ‘secret’ to moving forward without stress and anxiety.

You already have everything you need for a Courageous Life! You can turn your life, business, career or relationship into something way beyond your wildest dreams without working harder. It's about being smarter and understanding your mind. Understanding is power! Through the years, I’ve learned how the mind works and I’ve developed tools that keep you one step ahead of your thoughts. Together we can change your life.



No one has truly taught you how to feel good about yourself until now!

As a species, we have a powerful desire to make meaning of things and relate to the world. (As a woman, that can be daunting at times when we are trying to balance family life, work, relationships, friends and social life)
How can we make meaning of a past broken heart, an abandoned child, an abusive partner, a workplace bully and estranged family members? (Even though we want to)
How can we overcome squandered confidence, poor body image and feeling not enough when we are overwhelmed just trying to survive every day!? (We know deep in our soul the answers are there)
As women, we love to share stories, inner wisdom, and experiences. (Even though this puts us in a place of deep vulnerability)
We have this innate desire to make sense of our feelings, offer support, nurture and provide care for others. (Even though it means putting ourselves last at times)

That leaves one major problem. We’re never taking care of ourselves. We are natural givers and can find it hard to receive, but once we learn how to do both, we become more empowered each and every day. This is the start of your Courageous Life Journey 




"Intrigued about the new course on the block 'Courageous Life' but doubtful it can change your life? 
After the course, I am now fully recharged, refreshed and excited to go at life with my new insights, vision, and learnings! You will unravel things that may be holding you back (things you may not even realize).

Ange assists with reframing your limiting beliefs and shows you how to reveal your self-worth and importance that has been sheltered for years."

Steph - HR Advisor



What Will I Discover About Myself?

  • How to understand your purpose and create your "big why" so you can wake up every morning with undying motivation and an insatiable appetite for life.
  • The exact steps to push you through those stubborn internal barriers currently stopping you from having a Courageous Life!
  •  How to powerfully command abundance into your life so you can transform your inner dialogue.
  • You will strengthen and understand your relationship with yourself and others.
  • You will discover an incredibly lifting sense of meaning and fulfilment.
  • And ultimately, you will have greatly improved the quality of your life, and everyone will be drawn to your new aura you’ve created.
  • How to eliminate your inner conflicts and confusion about who you are. We will replace the self-sabotage cycle with a self-empowerment cycle and finally create the life, business and career you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Discover the various (and sometimes hidden) aspects of your personality and how they influence and shape your everyday life.
  • You will unravel long-held beliefs and get to the source of your thinking.
  • You get to know and love your automatic thinking process now that it works for you instead of against you.
  • You will learn to laugh at yourself and embrace the little girl that is still lovingly embedded inside you.
  • You will get to play and experience youth like you never have before. No matter how “old” you are.
  • You will create a new self-image that is much more aligned with your biggest dreams and aspirations!

Just as Courtney did:

"I am so excited for all those who have their first Courageous Life sessions coming up - I learned more in the first half hour of my session than I have in my past 9 months of counselling and psychotherapy sessions for anxiety & depression"



  • 24/7 Lifetime access to the course content and all future updates: immerse yourself in motivation and inspiration whenever you need a boost, for years to come!

  • Audio recordings of the content: listen in your car, on the beach, in the gym or just quietly on your own. All the inspiration you will ever need during tough times is just one click away!

  • Handouts, Worksheets, and Exercises: download at your leisure the support you need through your journey.

  • Built-in Accountability Structure during the 8 weeks through a dedicated Facebook page.

  • You get full access to the course so you can work at your own pace.



As a human species, one of the most popular prevailing beliefs about ourselves is "I am not enough!"

Women believe they aren’t smart enough, pretty enough or slim enough. They doubt their courage and confidence suffers as a result.

Why do so many suffer from these feelings? Fear.

  • Fear of rejection and humiliation. We’ve been conditioned to stay in our comfort zones because outside of them we feel we may be rejected or ridiculed.

  • We come up with so many different excuses as to why we can’t do this or that, and so we keep doing the same things and getting the same results. You have to realize that if you don’t change soon, the years will pass and you’ll be stuck in the same place. You’ll regret letting the time pass when you could have done all these great things you dream of.

  • You know you can do them. You just need to learn how to quiet your mind when fear and doubt set in. To just put your head down and keep chipping away, no matter how slowly.

  • Life is too short to live with anything but maximum confidence. NOW is your time to take it back.

  • This course will be a challenge. If it was easy to be incredibly successful, everyone would be. You will have to work out some uncomfortable things about yourself on this program, but I am here to support, and so are the energy of the women on the journey with you.

My life used to be riddled with self-doubt and fear, and guess what? After years of letting it slow me down, I said: “OK Ange, either you can let the time pass and be held down by your greatest fears and doubts, OR you can USE your time to create a better life.”

You see, either way, the time is going to pass. We only have a brief time on this earth, so you might as well use that time to create a life that will make you happy. One you can be proud of.

I chose to leave my fears and doubts behind and battle for a better life. Now, I LIVE a Courageous Life!

Unfortunately, for most people, they don’t push through those tough steps. Their minds convince them it isn’t worth the time, or their idea won’t work.

Are you a mother, wife, business owner or single? In your time playing those roles, you’ve probably over-analyzed to death a major decision, commonly called “analysis paralysis.” You constantly bark back and forth in your head between “yes” or “no,” “maybe” or “maybe not.” In the end, you end up dropping the whole thing and don’t decide at all.

Don’t let that happen today. You know you want to become a Courageous Woman. You have women’s intuition. Now trust it. 


Before you join a personal development course...

Plenty of online course providers make huge claims about how to change your life in 30 days, but the truth is most of them haven't changed theirs. They have learnt techniques and know how to sell them, but they do not always apply them to their own life.

This course is different! Why? Because I have walked my talk for 30 years, yes 30 years and I truly do have a phenomenal life, and not only a phenomenal life, but amazing friends, networks, business and family.

I KNOW it takes courage, commitment and real hard graft to get there. I'm not going to tell you it's easy. It's not! What I teach you is SIMPLE to put into practice, where the challenge and courage come into play is sticking with it, walking your talk and remaining motivated. 

This may not be the right time for you and I respect that. I just want to let you know when the time is right I will be here if you chose a Courage Life. If you don't feel this is the right course for you I totally understand. I still want to support you to find the right the course. 

Here's what you should look for in a course:

  • A mentor who you can see from her following is honest and authentic

  • A leader who is walking their talk

  • A supportive community that people engage in

  • Great testimonials from people who have taken the course

  • A phone number you can call to have any unanswered questions answered

  • Ongoing support and inspiration for when you need it most

In short, the course and the mentor need to be the real deal!

Your Guide and Mentor

Ange Wilcock, Phenomenal Therapist, Mentor, Coach, & Educator started her career as a systems analyst because she enjoyed breaking things down into their single components and then building them back together again. These analytical skills have been transferred into her work today.

She has a mission for every human on the planet to feel ENOUGH! Ange calls this Rejection-Proof Living!

Ange has been able to develop a unique style, techniques, and models as a result of working with clients over the last 30 years.

She has developed Mindfulness-Based Story Telling (MBST). A deeper unravelling of our story and beliefs that hold us back, and the Evolutionary Model of Wellbeing (EMW).

 She has trained with the best. Marisa Peer, Anthony Robbins, Brene Brown to name but a few. Her love of people and continual learning has benefited her clients immensely.

 Ange is one of the first 100 therapists in the world to have trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy with the Marisa Peer Method School Of Training as part of her pioneer group and has brought the new modality to New Zealand.

She brings a unique approach to her therapy, coaching, mentorship, courses and retreats by combining professional and personal development as she believes the two cannot be separated if you want a connected, purposeful and productive life and career.

Ange has been featured in Elephant Journal, Fairfax Media and Mind, Body Green

Read them here:

7 Habits of mindful people 

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