I chose not to give a F*ck about societal norms and conditioning and started to give a F*ck about myself. Living life on MY terms through Divine guidance.  Letting go of limiting beliefs that had been imposed on me by society and tuned into my inner wisdom. By f*ck it was hard at times, but soooo worth it!  By God I had to wade through some sh*t to come out the other side AND I lived to tell the tale.

The F*ck It Therapy approach is not about being angry with life, in fact quite the opposite. It’s about ease, grace and flow… Yeah, yeah, ok I have may have lost you at flow.  Hold on, don't go just yet. I have something I think you may want to know! And it ain't pretty! 

You are sinking deep in the sh*t if you switched off at flow. The only flow you are experiencing right now in life is flowing down someone’s else’s version of your life!

Come on stand the F*ck up for yourself and take the lead. This is YOUR life! Own it! If you don’t someone else will and it won’t be a great story to tell your grandchildren! Cos you wanna be a role model. Right? No! OK, now it is time for you to move on. This is not the place for you if you are a member of the heard. This is a place for the courageous, the bold, the shift shakers, change makers and visionaries. We are leaders not followers. It's been great connecting with you have. Have a nice life.

Hello! My name is Angela I WAS a people pleaser...

I have to own up to that as I was, but then I decided to stop allowing people to p*ss all over me and take the bull by the horns and LIVE MY life MY way! Don't worry, most people struggle with this, myself included until I decided to say F*ck !t I'm over this! 

Just a quick bit of the neuroscience here... We become people pleasers due to our thought patterns which start in childhood and ‘shape’ who we believe we are.  Mine did a good job on me. They really F*cked me over! Yes, I'm not an alien, I am the same as you. I had to dig my way out of some deep sh*t until I came up smelling of roses.

What I know now, which I didn’t know then, was my mind was just doing its job! Keeping me from emotional hurt/harm. Which also meant keeping me small and not LIVING my life. I was just existing.  This led to three autoimmune diseases, broken relationships, self-sabotage, self-hatred, guilt, shame and comfort eating. To name but a few. I only have limited space on this page you know, and I don't want to bore you to tears with my sh*t life. I would much rather WOW you with a F*ck Yes! life. That was when I took the F*ck it approach and it changed EVERYTHING.

You see, over my 30-year professional career what most of my clients have told me is they don't FEEL ENOUGH!

They don't know why, but there is this recurring pattern. The mind has an incredible job of keeping us away from harm so if we have been hurt in the past it will doing everything it can to move us away from the situation even if it is good for us.  Like falling in love. If we've been hurt in the past the mind remembers the pain so it will do whatever it can to stop us feeling it again.

Have you ever said "F*ck Im never falling in love again it hurts too much?" The mind remembers this!

We start to sabotage the relationship because old hurts appear that have nothing to do with the current relationship, however, the mind does not know that it just responds to the pathway we have created "Love hurts".

I use this example as 90% of people are SCARED of truly falling in LOVE once they have been hurt and then this lack of LOVE plays out in EVERY area of their LIFE.

What I want you to know is that you are ENOUGH. You were born ENOUGH and you will always be ENOUGH! AND love DOES NOT hurt or anything else for that matter. We have just forgotten how incredible and loveable we are!

You can start on the journey of creating a life that empowers you, supports you and keeps you achieving phenomenal results once you take the F*ck !t Approach.

 I work with people globally who want a F*ck YES! Life which includes Optimal Wellbeing, Divine Relationships and a Kick Ass Business. They say F*ck !t to old belief patterns that no longer serve them and step into a life that is beyond their wildest dreams.

If you feel in ANY area of your life you’ve been f*cked over let’s get working on truth and shift you to the next level because YOU deserve a F*ck YES life!

Let's open the door and get in tocuh today!  [email protected] or call me +6427 625 8738


"Angela is passionate about: Expanding her knowledge. Which can only be good for the rest of us. She is dedicated to her purpose and hugely resilient. She learns through self-experiences and helps others facing same issues. Angela is an expert at connecting with her inner self and the inner self of others. She keeps me focused on my task. She truly is a Chosen One "



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