Do you want optimal well-being? Well of course you do!  Such a silly questions, but one we fail to find the answer to?‚Äč

Do you have thought patterns that seem to hold you back and you can't get to the root of them?

Don't worry, most people struggle with this, myself included until I decided to say F*ck !t I'm over this!  These thought patterns were created in my childhood and early teens and my mind was just doing it's job! Keeping me from emotional harm and pushing me towards pleasure, even though the pleasure meant an autoimmune disease, broken relationships and comfort eating.

You see, in my 30-year professional career what most of my clients have told me is they don't FEEL ENOUGH!

They don't know why, but there is this recurring pattern. The mind has an incredible job of keeping us away from harm so if we have been hurt in the past it will doing everything it can to move us away from the situation even if it is good for us.  Like falling in love. If we've been hurt in the past the mind remembers the pain so it will do what ever it can to stop us feeling it again. 

Have you ever said "Im never falling in love again it hurts too much?" The mind remembers this!

We start to sabotage the relationship because old hurts appear that have nothing to do with the current relationship, however, the mind does not know that it just responds to the pathway we have created "Love hurts". 

What I want you to know is that you are ENOUGH. You were born ENOUGH and you will always be ENOUGH! AND love DOES NOT hurt or anything else for that matter. We have just forgotten how incredible and loveable we are!

You can start on the journey of creating a life that empowers you, supports you and keeps you achieving phenomenal results TODAY!

Hi I’m Ange Wilcock, a Phenomenal Rapid Transformational Therapist, Professional Supervisor, Certified Coach and creator of F*ck !t Therapy and The F*ck !t Revolution! 

 I work with people globally who want optimum wellbeing from a natural and holistic perspective. Saying F*ck !t to old belief patterns that no longer serve them. Realigning mind, body & soul. My amazing 1-2-1 sessions and online/offline courses provide you with the tools and resources to begin achieving extraordinary results. 

My clients live phenomenal lives and come back to upgrade their next chapter so they keep showing up bigger and bigger to make a difference in the world to themselves and their loved ones! 

If you feel in ANY area of your life you are not ENOUGH you are lying to yourself. Let's get working on truth and shift you to the next level because YOU ARE ENOUGH!

Let's connect ange [email protected] or call me +6427 625 8738


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