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There is actually NOTHING to heal ONLY remember.

We live in a world where we are told we are 'broken'.

I'm here to tell you YOU ARE NOT!

It's time to stop giving a F*ck about societal norms and conditioning and start giving a F*ck about yourself.

Living YOUR life on YOUR terms through Divine guidance.  Letting go of limiting beliefs that have been imposed on you by society and tuning into your inner wisdom.

Hard I know. I’ve been there and by God do you have to wade through some sh*t to come out the other side. Sometimes you even get the boot stuck in the sh*t and fall flat on your face AND you don’t always come up smelling of roses!

The F*ck It Therapy approach is not about fixing you, in fact quite the opposite. It’s about remembering WHO you are with ease, grace and flow. 

Yeah, yeah, ok I have may have lost you at flow.  Hold on, don't go just yet. I have something I think you may want to know! And it ain't pretty! Read on...


Fuck !t Healing Approach

The F*ck !t Approach uses the Evolutionary Model Of Wellbeing as a comprehensive assessment tool for a F*ck YES! Life. Pure emphasis on valuing you and releasing you from societal conditioning and stepping into YOUR greatness on YOUR terms.

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F*ck !t Courses

All courses take a F*ck !t Approach by pushing you out of your comfort zone and a quantum leap into infinite possibilities ~ A place of pure joy and wonderment ~ The best place on earth to say F*ck YOU to society in the nicest possible way.

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F*ck !t Resources

F*ck !t Resources are here to support to your wade through the sh*t and come out the other side smelling of roses ~ some are complimentary, some are have a small fee attached ~ All are F*cking AMAZING with YOUR journey in mind

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The Zen Den

Mini courses for maximum output

"Angela's passions are: Pushing the boundaries & I love this! Seeing things before knowing they are possible. Helping people reach beyond what they see. Lifting the planetary vibration. Creating real life miracles. Angela is great at: Multiple healing modalities. Inspiring & uplifting others. Questioning & pushing the status quo. Taking action. Just getting it done!!"

Kellie Niepostyn

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